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Well, the pack is having some difficulties…

For the past 6 years, our house has had a population of 6: 2 humans, 2 cats and 2 dogs. The animals range in age from 6 years old (Pepper-do-you-want-her), Penny is 10, Delilah is 11 and Pandora, who is now 12.

I suppose it’s part of the deal that when you bring creatures in and make them part of the family, you’re responsible for their health and well-being over the duration of their lives. Although we’ve had some exposure to that line of thinking over time, beginning about 3 years ago it really began to sink in: Pan had thyroid cancer and needed to head off to Camp Glow-In-The-Dark for treatment.

She recovered from that but, looking back, has never recovered her full health. 2 years ago, then again last year, and now 2x in the past 2 months she’s had to have stomach surgery to get rid of the massive hairball issue she developed. Although she seems to be recovering pretty well from the latest massive surgeries, it’s all beginning to take a toll on her and, on a different level, on us.

And over the past couple of months, both Delilah and Penny have each been favoring one of their legs. Then, earlier this week, Penny began lifting the leg she’d been favoring and not allowing it to extend at all; at virtually the same time, Delilah was unable to walk using the leg she’d been favoring and appeared to be severely crippled.

Off to the vet we went this morning, Dee, Penny and me.

Dee’s xray’s show she has masses / buildup on the front / back of her right front leg knee joint. she goes in tomorrow for anesthesia and a biopsy; the doc says Penny has some pretty hefty tissue buildup on her leg, but needs to be sedated to be fully xrayed, and that’s tomorrow, too.

Everyone is home and resting now, so while I’ve got a few quiet moments, I’m going out to look after my tomatoes and lettuce a bit.

Thx for stopping by, be well and don’t forget to write when you get work.