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Peregrine Falcon in Campbell (sort of :)

A year or two ago, Joanne mentioned that our friends Lennie and Leon had a family of Peregrine Falcons living in their neighborhood. I didn’t hear much about it after that, but the other day while reviewing photos on another system’s disk drive, I came across this photo and figured it came from Lennie and Leon.

Yesterday I stopped by their house to ask permission to post the photo and hear a bit more about the Peregrine Family.

Turns out they were living in the tree across the street from their house and would frequent Lennie and Leon’s property… mainly to round up some of the smaller birds living in Lennie and Leon’s garden. In a fairly short period of time, the falcons had cleaned up the neighborhood’s squirrel population… as well as the small birds living in the area. (dang) They also enjoyed big birds, too, because Leon told me one day he watched one of the adults fly overhead with an adult crow in its talons, only to see the crow escape and begin flying away.

That didn’t last long because in a few minutes the Falcon was enjoying a crow dinner in plain view of the neighborhood.

Enjoy the photo and thanks to Lennie and Leon for sharing this with us 🙂