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Penny safely returns from Dr. Ueno (again)

About a month ago, Penny had a hematoma in her left ear (flap) that resulted in the flap swelling up a great deal.  (She had been shaking her head / ears due to allergies that are so prevalent right now.) So off to Doc Ueno we went for diagnosis and repair. He explained the problem and we decided to get her teeth cleaned while she “was under”.  By the end of the day, she’d had a great nap, teeth cleaned and a drain put in her ear… oh, and we were significantly lighter in the wallet.

For the next two weeks, she took her meds, her ear drained and the drain was removed on scheduled.

Unfortunately, the head-shaking returned over the weekend and so did the swollen ear, so back to Doc Ueno we went yesterday.  This time, her checkup indicated something else was present, so we threw in some xrays and Penny stayed for the afternoon for the new drain and treatment of the problem caused by her newly-diagnosis severe arthritis in her back.

But, she’s home again and appears to be feeling fine – on new meds and her ear is draining pretty well, so we’re all set (at least until the next time… there’s ALWAYS a next time.)

The pack sends their regards 🙂

So how is “the pack” doing, you ask?

Several of you have asked how our “pack” is holding up with Dee’s multiple illnesses and, sadly, loss.

Grandma Cat is struggling – Dee and Joanne had a wonderfully close relationship, usually ending most evenings with Dee laying in Joanne’s lap, having her ears scritched and shoulders deeply rubbed. It was Joanne and Scott who got to know Dee when she was just six weeks old and eventually chose her to come home. Though I’m the house-dude and spent far more time with Dee on a day-to-day basis, Joanne and Dee were very, very close. Dee’s loss easily impacts Joanne as much – or more – as it does me.

As for the animals, Penny continues to sleep on her own blanket in the den (as always) so “moping” would be hard to detect in any event 😉 Pandora is somewhat lower-key than normal. Pepper-Do-You-Want-Her seems lethargic and (we believe) misses Dee the most of the animal population of our house. Pep and Dee had a very close relationship… and I will post pictures that prove it 😉