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Happy 70th Birthday to Ringo!

The most famous drummer in the world – EVER – turns 70 today!  (Where, exactly, did those years go?)  We are fans of Ringo and have most of his CD’s and have seen him in concert on a number of occasions.

You can visit his website and see his birthday wish video.

OR, you can visit our original blog site and view the video Jr. Beekeeper Steve and I made for Ringo today and tried to post here only to find I had to pay $59 for video posting features. (I understand WordPress has to pay for their infrastructure, so I’m not complaining.  OTOH, I’m not going to pay to post video if I don’t have to.)

Happy Birthday, Ringo!

(As Ringo says, Peace and Love, Peace and Love; as I said in my video, Bees and Love, Bees and Love.)