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Panalicious Orange Marmalade…

We’ve been here 11 1/2 years now… not our entire lives, but not an insignificant amount of time, either.

We’ve watched many homes be rebuilt, we’ve experienced the passing of several of our neighbors, and experienced the joys and severe loss when other neighbors moved away.  And through the passing years, (at least) these things have remained constant:  With every season’s fruit harvest, we’ve made jams, jellies and marmalade’s. And – without hesitation or prompting from us – Pandora has “inspected” every single case of jam, jelly and marmalade ever made in our kitchen. Every. Single. One.  Nose to lid, then perched on it as if she was going to hatch them.

And so it was with this batch of Orange Marmalade.  GrandmaCat and I prepared the goodies, GrandmaCat made and jarred the stuff… and Pan inspected each and every last one… and so we decided to name her very last batch Panalicious Orange Marmalade.

As always, when you click on the pic, you’ll see the full, close-up image and can read the label.