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A long time promise, kept and enjoyed…

Remember back in this post when I talked about – after 20 1/2 years of waiting – handing over the 160 to Owen?  Well, since that time he and Olivia have done a LOT of clean up and annoying / maintenance work on the bike getting it running perfectly and without oil leaks.  (Who knew that 40 year old gaskets would drip oil when called back in to service!)

Well, Owen and ‘Liv brought the 160 up on this visit and on Saturday, Owen and I fired up the 160 and the 750 and took them out for a cruise around Campbell.  Owen correctly pointed out that this was our first, joint individual bike ride together – ever… and how fitting that it would be with him driving the 160 (and to a lesser extent, me on the 750) around Campbell in the spring sunshine.  We headed downtown and grabbed a coffee and, in the process, brought back lots of first-time bike memories for the old guys sitting outside, drinking their coffees.

From there we cruised through the old neighborhood – always good for a walk down memory lane – and caught Al just as he was heading out the door for the day.  We tooled around a bit more after that, really enjoying the moment of just cruising along together, a coupla Honda guys riding classic Hondas.

So, the 160’s in excellent hands and we’ve ridden together… a good thing, no?

I’m thinkin’ that some time before the year is over, I’ll trailer up the 750 and head down to So Cal to ride in the Venice Beach Classic Bike Sunday ride… seems like a pretty good way to go, doesn’t it?