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So long F. Loree…

It was just thirteen years ago we welcomed Scott’s new F. Loree Conservatory oboe in to our home… but it feels like a lifetime.

What a magnificent instrument it was (!) and – beginning with his first private lesson – as Scott became more proficient at learning the intricacies of his oboe, the more beautiful the two of them sounded together. Every day he would practice for at least an hour and each week he would have a private lesson with Libby, his first oboe teacher.

Working with Libby brought him in to the South Bay Youth Orchestra, where Scott played for two seasons. Going in to his third SBYO season, he became interested in, auditioned for and was accepted by the San Jose Symphony Youth Orchestra. (I remember driving him to his audition… I’m not sure who was more nervous… him or me 🙂 Scott played with SJSYO for a season and then moved to the California Youth Symphony, one of the nation’s top-ranked Youth Symphony’s. After graduating from Westmont in June of 2000, Scott headed to Switzerland and Germany w/CYS for a two week tour. Highlights of the tour included a joint concert with the Zurich Youth Orchestra celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Zurich Conservatory and a special appearance at the prestigious Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele in Germany. Needless to say, it was a very exciting time for all of us.

Life being what it is, Scott’s interest in the oboe ended after his graduation and since that time, the Loree has remained silent, as if in a deep slumber, in our cedar-lined closet.

Recently we decided it was time to let the oboe find its voice again, so we had it appraised by the folks we acquired it from 13 years ago and placed an ad on Craigslist. Within a couple of days we had more than a handful of emails expressing interest and eventually settled on letting it go to a woman who locates, services and then provides high quality oboes to young oboists throughout the United States. It’s clear from reading her website and speaking with her, she has a lifelong passion for and commitment to double reed instruments their musicians. So with very mixed emotions, today I packed up and shipped the Loree off to it’s new way point and future musician.

May that young artist enjoy a lifetime of wonderful oboe sounds and experiences with our Loree.