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Ok, Rupert – You’re back on the team :)

As some of you may remember, at the end of January, I fired Rupert Murdoch and the Wall Street Journal by canceling my decades-old subscription. Dear Rupert: You’re Fired

At the time I felt the content wasn’t unique enough (to the Journal) and the rates were too high for the content being delivered. But late last week when I realized the NY Times was charging me much more than I thought it had been, I called the Times to cancel and they ended up giving me a pretty significant discount to keep me as a subscriber. Huh. Since I’d already come to the conclusion that as much as I enjoy reading the NY Times, I was really missing the Journal’s perspective on global / business issues, I checked out the Journal’s web pages and found they were offering a significant discount, too… so I called them and am now receiving the Journal every morning, as nature intended.

What really causes me to write this post, though, is the customer service I received from a Dow Jones employee in making sure my paper delivery was re-started.

I placed my order online last Friday. No Saturday paper was delivered. Then no Monday paper was delivered. On Tuesday I called and said (basically), wtf – don’t you people want my money? They assured me that wasn’t the case and would have a paper delivered and adjust my account for the missed days.


While the re-start didn’t happen exactly as Jason (the DJ employee) and I were hoping, it eventually got back on track – after a number of proactive emails from Jason to me making sure I was taken care of and satisfied.

I am, Jason – thanks very much for looking after me.

Rupert – you should keep Jason on the team, he’s one of the good guys 🙂