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Use your bicycle and iPod together?

Like a number of you, I have an iPod that I listen to using the ear buds while I’m cycling. Love the iPod, hate the buds – don’t fit well, hurt like hell, may well cause some degree of hearing loss and block out external sounds… like that car running up my backside.

About a month ago, Owen picked up an iHome2Go portable / bike speaker system for his iPod and liked it so much, he got one for us, too. It’s great. The iPod slips right in the bottle-shaped speaker / holder, which then slips and ratchets into the water bottle-like holder in place of your forward water bottle. The very small rf controller attaches to the handlebar so you can stop / start, adjust volume + / – or skip ahead or backward on songs. When you get where you’re going, just place the speaker / holder in it’s over-the-shoulder carrying pouch and you’re all set. IIRC, it cost $70 or so, but now I can see it’s $49 at

If you’d like to listen to your iPod while cycling, this is a tres cool device.

I’ve got much more bike-related stuff to post, but it’s getting close to my bedtime so will catch up over the next few days.

Thx for stopping by and until next time, be well and write when you get work.