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Molly in the fall…

I’m very pleased to report that (still) when I head out to the backyard to do “whatever”, Molly shows up singing “her” tune. This pic (CLICK THE PIC) was taken two weeks ago while I was out back firing up the fire pit.

Today when I went out back to check on the bees, and then take care of something in the garage, Molly followed me wherever I went. Standing in front of the hives (the girls are fine, thx – lots of clear-weather pollen-gathering going on.), there was Molly, overhead on the birch tree, singing up a storm. When I left the bees, Molly followed me over toward the garage and while I was in there (briefly) re-arranging a plant (brought in from the freeze last week), I could hear her singing just outside the garage door… in the passion fruit vines.

When I left the garage, up she flew to the birch by the patio… singing up a storm STILL. So I stopped and talked with her for a few minutes… her chattering up a storm most of the time. Hopefully some day Molly will come rest on my hand….