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We are sad… Mike

We were very sad to learn last week that our neighbor, Mike, had passed away. We join with all of our neighbors in sending our love and condolences to Laurie, Bill and the rest of Mike’s family.

Joanne and I were very fortunate in that Mike was our next door neighbor and we would see him several times a week, working in his garden or taking a lap around the neighborhood… iPod earphones plugged in (and probably listening to rap! 😉 From time to time, we’d head out to the front yard to find him over in the citrus grove, picking a bit of fresh fruit – helping us put better use to the goodies grown on our property. And – probably my favorite “Mike moment” was running in to him when he was smoking his pipe… whatever the blend was, it smelled wonderful. And even if we didn’t see him, when the scent wafted by our house, we knew Mike was nearby… and that seemed to make the day just a little bit brighter.

Talking with Mike was, well… a reminder that it was the simple things that mattered: He was always proud and happy to talk about how fast Elizabeth and the boys were growing up, how much he loved being with his family and how he enjoyed his garden.

Mike was truly a neighborhood treasure, well-loved by everyone who came in contact with him. We’ll miss his presence and remember him for years to come.

Mike’s obituary in the Merc is located here.