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Made my first CampbellFarmer score today…

Sitting outside of Orchard Valley Roasting yesterday morning, Ted (local guy) and I were discussing our “crops”. Turns out Ted raises a few melons and beans @ his place. I mentioned we had, oh, about 100 lbs (and counting, every day) of ripe apples and I’d be interested in swapping a few apples for a coupla melons. Deal, says Ted.

Today when I cruised down there to meet Al for an 8:30 coffee, Ted showed up with these two nice samples… good thing, too, cause I brought him a half-dozen apples. Turns out he wants them for pies, so I’ll swing by there this afternoon with a small bag full of the crisp, green Gala’s and he can pick them up the next time he’s by the shop.

Oh, and, hello to Sara and her husband – apparently looking for people to swap veggies with, too!

right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot… Maybe this is how these local things begin… with baby steps. If you’re interested in exchanging goodies that you grow here / nearby Campbell, shoot me an email (twobigcats at gmail dot com) and we can begin connecting the community dots.

If not, I get all of Ted’s extra melons.