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Beeks Log: I’ll tell you a secret that beeks know…

(At least in our local area) If you look around / carefully enough, you’ll see that almond trees have started blossoming. On a warm day – or at least, not cold / windy / rainy as it has been lately – you’ll find bees in the almond blossoms gathering nectar. (Btw, Master Gardeners are aware of and pay attention to the almond trees, too, as almonds are typically the first trees to blossom in late winter – Get Your Growing Going! er, Gentleman Gardeners, Start Your Blossoms… dang, that really doesn’t work, either. I’ll keep working on it.)

In most cases, in no more than three weeks from blossoms we beeks will need to put an extra super on our hives because of the combination of the new “blossom bees” (eggs that were laid post-winter equinox to fill the hive w/honey) will be in full emergence mode and will need some place to put their nectar for the survival of the colony. (In case you’re interested, we beeks have been in the late winter maintenance / spring readying mode for the past month… it’s our time now! 🙂

If you’re reading this local to Campbell, should you see a swarm of bees on a tree / bush / etc, please give me a call and I’ll bring them home… I’ve got just the place for them.

(In case you’re interested – my recent hive observations / inspections show the bees hard @ work bringing in lots of pollen, so there is plenty of brood in both boxes. When I check the inner cover opening, there are tons of bees hard at work. Woo Hoo – Honey’s on the way 🙂