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Congratulations Marty Jo (and 13th Street Cats)!

One of the animal-related charities that we “pay attention” to is 13th Street Cats, a San Jose-based no-kill rescue / shelter. We often see Janice, her husband and supporting volunteers @ the local PetSmart on Saturdays.

Earlier this year we were smitten with one of their rescues, Marty Jo, a Maine Coon who bore a close resemblance to Delilah… not only in looks and feel-of-coat, but in her Catitude. And while I liked that Marty Jo wasn’t so much a hug-me, love-me cat as a come closer @ your own risk kinda gal, it seems her Catitude made it hard for her to find a home.

Until just a few weeks ago, that is.

Turns out that a family (who was interested in another set of kittens) fell in love with and was adopted by Marty Jo on the spot. Imagine that – true love… just like that. I’m extremely happy for everyone – Marty Jo, the family and 13th Street Cats – on such a wonderful outcome.

Curious what Marty Jo looks like? Here’s a Marty Jo adoption video that a young person did on a volunteer basis for 13th Street Cats… Enjoy.

Congrats to everyone, especially Janice and her husband, on this wonderful outcome.