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Incline Mike, Mimi, Claire & Oasis Ellen

As I prepared my sister’s birthday post (November 3), I came across these pics of Incline Mimi and Incline Mike with one of their pack members, Claire. We took these a few years back when we were taking a lap around Lake Tahoe in our Whaler.

We’ve known Mimi, Mike and Claire for most of the 10 years we’ve lived on Walnut… lots of good times spent together in various locations – their home, our home, various Tahoe-area spots. While we have many shared points of view (business, politics, blah blah blah), I think one of the most compelling elements of our relationship is the unabashed love for our animals that we all have… something, I’ve come to realize over the past few weeks, that is present in most of our other close relationships.

(By the way, notice how calm the water and passengers look? That day the lake was flat and while we scooted across big parts of the lake at high speed, most of the day we ambled about. A year or two earlier I took Mike out for a ride on a day perfectly suited for Whaler’s but not for, ahem, older guys with back issues like Mike and me. Lesson learned 🙂

One more pic, this time of Oasis Ellen. (“Oasis” because she’s transformed her backyard in to what I think is the most lush and relaxing backyard on the entire street 🙂

In this pic (taken some time over the past few years, sorry, can’t recall the date…) Ellen is with Duffy (the fluffly, buff colored rag-muff dog on the left) and one of her cats (sorry,it’s a rare thing for me to remember who is who in Ellen’s pack 🙁 In the 10 years we’ve known Ellen, she’s had the largest menagerie of critters of anyone I’ve ever known… when you visit Ellen, there are always dogs’n’cats nearby (and sometimes hiding).

I’ll post more pics of these folks in the near future.

As always, thanks for stopping by and until next time, be well.