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The boys, er, BEEs are back in town…

Well, not just yet, but they will be soon.

I just ordered two four-pound packages of Carnolian Bees from HoneyBeeGenetics. They’re the same folks I ordered from in early April of last year… nice folks. Looks like I should get them by mid-April… not sure if they’ll ship or I’ll take another morning drive up their way… they’re nice folks to watch and hang out with – very laid back. (Note: My casual observation of beekeepers is they’re all pretty laid back – nobody, BUT NOBODY – wants to attract extra attention by moving too fast around the hive. At least, not after the first time 😉

Thx for stopping by and write when you get work.
btw, Best I can figure out, a four-pound package of bees is ~ 30,000 little buzzers. That’s a lot of buzzers.