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Dude, we were totally shredding…

Yah, like the other day we were thinkin’, yah, man… dude, let’s shred. So, like, we totally went in to the garage and like, uh, climbed a ladder and took down some stuff. Man, it was wicked-dusty up there with spider-sticky stuff and dirt and.

Uh, whatever.

So then, like, uh… we brought some stuff down – ya know, boxes of stuff – old trophies Joanne won for her dogs “placing” (like what’s that mean, anyway? – they went places? Like I know. Dude.) and we got some other boxes of stuff… like papers and stuff… Some bank stuff from someplace called “Barclays Bank” and another one called “Bank of America” (like they’d use an UnAmerican Bank… shuh!) and a company called I.R.S. (I think they wanted to use the name Google but it was already, like, taken by some math geeks or something).

Anyway, so then we, uh, like, brought all these boxes down and then brought ’em in the house and man, like it was totally like… uh, where was I? Oh, whutever.

So then we put our special clothes on and shredded… like for hours. Or was it four hours… I forget. Uh, whatever. So our gear was getting hot and had to cool down, so we like, uh, kicked back and stuff and then went back and like, uh, totally shredded.

Man, at the end of the day we were like totally bagged. No, dude, I’m serious, I mean we were righteously ripped. Here we are, like, stacked against the wall waiting to go outside for some fresh air.

Translation: We needed to move the wonderful (donated) carvings from the dining room and so decided to put them up in the garage storage area. Since that area was full, we had to decide what to eliminate and what to keep to make room.

“I know – let’s shred papers we no longer need from the ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s. Let’s get rid of the stuff we haven’t used in 10 years and maybe we’ll have room for the carvings to be stored.”

So we did and ended up with 12 full bags of shredded materials. Also made some $$’s because while I was up there, I discovered the original saddle & windshield to my ’93 Honda ST1100 “red rocket” that I sold back in ’99 ish. Listed those on craigslist and sold them in 2 days for asking price. (Pricing was modest and the buyer was kind 🙂

Dood, shred on!