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Dear Homeless Cat Network / Pet adoption volunteers

I (am pleased to say) that over the past few days I’ve received a couple of emails from two HCN volunteers we’ve worked with in bringing Cherry and Calvin into our home.  Both emails were bright’n’shiny and (in part) thanked me for posting pics of Calvin and Cherry since they’ve been with us.

The pleasure is all ours, truly.  Thanks for being there to help creatures in situations like Cal and Cherry to have a humane, safe and **nourishing** place to be if they can’t be in a loving, private home.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

While being an “animal volunteer” must have its rewards, I’m sure it has its very difficult times, too… money / time are always @ a premium, you – no doubt – have to interact with creatures / owners who are in difficult situations… sometimes non-recoverable… and when creatures are adopted out, then what(?) – how are the animals doing, how are the new caretakers doing with “your” creatures, the ones you nursed back to health and gave comfort to… only to see them leave.

So (in part) our posting pictures and tidbits about Calvin and Cherry and about our TBC activities / perspective is to continue offering evidence that your work and efforts matter:

Clearly, they do.

So, to HCN / pet adoption volunteers (are you listening, Janice, Jeanee and all others? :), thanks for caring for the creatures who are in need of (what I’ve learned volunteers often call) their Forever Homes.

(Aside:  As I completed the 2nd par, Calvin began calling to me from the sunroom that he had a mouse – one of Pan’s that he’s fond of – and wouldn’t I come play for a minute?  Sure thing, the writing will wait – playing with “Mouse” is important work.  When I went out to the sunroom, he actually had all 9 of Pan’s mice scattered around, as if to say, “What’s it gonna be, food-guy, gray, gray with white tail; white w/no tail, white w/tail; brown with big fuzzy, long tail; green w/white tail; pink w/white tail; blue or maroon w/tails – we’ve got ’em all… take your pick.

How could I refuse? I rolled them all in the now-shrinking bag of  “kitty stash” Sis gave Pan and Dee years ago, then threw them out for him to chase.

When it was clear he wanted more action, I picked up the stick with “bird” on it and in <30 seconds, he was doing backflips 2′ in the air in his efforts to catch “bird”.  (I’ll video and post this next weekish.)

So, pet volunteers… thanks for your time and effort – we’re very appreciative.  I will (likely) continue to post Calvin and Cherry pics at least 2x weekly going forward… so please continue to stop by as you have time / interest.

Live long and happy lives, little ones…

Remember the kittens we found under our front porch?

Well, I received a series of emails over the weekend from their foster mom, Jeanee, that they’ve all been adopted out – two of them went with their new caretakers over the weekend, and the remaining single kitty will be heading to her new home this coming Friday.  Thanks and congrats to Jeanee and the folks @ Homeless Cat Network for taking such good care of the kittens and finding good caretaker homes for them. (And, speaking of the kittens, I haven’t seen Mom-Cat around the property but Penny and Pepper have been barking in the early morning as they did in the days before Mom-Cat had her kittens, so I imagine it’s her they’re barking at.  Go Mom-Cat!)

That’s it for now… I’ll post some fresh pics of various things over the next day or two.

Kittens LIKE kitten formula (who gnu? ;)

Before taking care of some errands this morning, I headed over to PetSmart and picked up some formula, then to Nob Hill to get a bit of human baby rice formula to nudge them along… just in case.

Returned home, mixed the formula and fed each of them – easy peasy… they seemed to like the stuff and took to it very well. (Of course, placed back in the carrier, Butterscotch began eating the wet food I’d mashed up for them earlier.) When I returned from my errands, they had all exited the carrier and taken up refuge behind the carrier, between the carrier, the wall and the tub. (I’ve got pics I will load later).

Following instructions from Melissa last night (thx, Melissa), I’ve just now placed them in a smaller carrier and butted that up against the closed-end of the humane trap in our driveway. (Carrier and trap are covered with heavy towels to keep it cool inside and to provide the air of a single enclosure.

I’ll check on them in a bit to make sure they’re doing ok… and to see if mom-cat came out to see them and eat the food I left for her.

Tough life out there.

Rescue kitten update

Wednesday night, ~8pm and, frankly, I’m fried. (I don’t know how rescue-people do it 🙂

~5pm tonight I brought the (two) kittens, Butterscotch and Patches, in to our dining room in their large’n’roomy carrier. They had wet food (mashed up w/a bit of extra sauce for licking) and some watered down non-fat milk in a very shallow dish.

Just after 6, Joanne arrived home and told me she had seen mom-cat and Smokey in the corner of our driveway, behind my car… sort of tucked in by the boat (which is behind a large gate). Good news: mom-cat and Smokey were reunited. Before heading out to run a few errands, I placed a bowl of wet cat food out there for mom-cat, then went back inside to let her come out and eat. About 5 minutes later, I headed out and saw that she’d eaten everything and was tucked back in with Smokey. Neat.

When I returned from my errands (~20 minutes later), Joanne said she’d gone out, saw mom-cat and Smokey and was able to catch Smokey w/out over-stressing him or her. Phew. So now we had all 3 of the kittens – Smokey, Butterscotch and Patches – in the house, nice and warm. In fact, they were all curled up in a ball, asleep. (We had moved a ticking clock in with the kittens early-on in the hope (old wives tale?) that it would help settle them down.)

Next, we prepped the guest bathroom (that Cherry and Calvin no longer use) with big beach towels, a pre-stocked litter box (don’t ask… but, hint: it smells like cat doody and pee to point them in the right direction), some saucy wet food and watered down non-fat milk. Before Joanne heads off to bed, she’ll let them out of their crate and let them snuggle in next to the heat vent on the floor to spend the night. Darned if we know what else to do.

I’ve set a humane trap w/food out in the driveway and I’m hoping that I catch mom-cat instead of a neighborhood skunk, raccoon or opossum. (I think I’ll bring the food in before I go to bed… mom-cat will have to figure out where to stay on her own.) About mom-cat: she seems familiar with humans, so Ellen’s suggestion is that she’s someone’s outdoor cat, so I believe the thinking is you-know-who (moi) will be placing photo-flyers around the neighborhood in the morning.

That’s it, rescue-folks! Stay tuned for updates in the morning.


Photos of HCN Sandy and Judy bringing Calvin and Cherry to our home.

Here’s Sandy bringing a very chatty Calvin in to the foyer…

And here’s Judy bringing in a somewhat quieter but chatty Cherry in…

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to Sandy and Judy for being (what seemed like) ever-present in answering emails, taking our phone calls and arranging our visits. We also want to say “Thanks sooo much for following up on Calvin’s availability for us – we were really taken in by his charming, in-your-face approach to greeting us and making sure we had a personal feline escort around the center. (His approach seemed somewhat familiar to me and just as I typed that last line, I remembered where I’d seen it before: Me. It’s the exact same behavior I had towards visitors at the Children’s Home I was a multi-year resident of when I was a boy. Every 3rd Sunday, the Home opened up for visitors and children from each dorm would guide groups of visitors around the Home – 30+ acres – and at the end, the visitors would usually donate something to our dorm fund. Woo Hoo! )

I have more pics to post over the next few days, but here’s a Sunday morning update:

Both Calvin and Cherry are cruising the house pretty regularly. Cherry is timid and very wary of the dogs (who are pretty much remaining in, ahem, “their den” or outside and peering in through through doors) while Calvin treads among them… and vocalizes his anxiety a bit… kind of like, “New BIG CAT coming through here…”.

Both cats seem to approve of the tuna, wet food and the dry combo of Iams hairball and Iams fish kibble that gets mixed in with their center-provided dry food.

Both cats are extremely affectionate and are a real pleasure to have with us… in fact, (possibly except for the dogs) I’m sure we’re all feeling like we’ve each won the lottery 🙂

More pics to follow… please standby 🙂

Dear Homeless Cat Network People :)


I am Hal (GrandpaCat) and I’m the person taking the pics and posting on TBC.

First, thanks sooooooooo much for being there to help creatures like our new family members, Calvin and Cherry. Second, Calvin and Cherry are doing GREAT (!) and I’ve got the pictures to prove it… and there’s the rub: I’ve been so busy doing things such as spending time with them, roaming around the house, taking their pictures as they roam and, truthfully, giving Cherry plenty of SnuggleBunny time (she’s somewhat shy so needs to be coaxed out for one-on-one time) that I haven’t really had time to offload, label and sequence the new pics – BUT I WILL (!) so bear with me.

A mid-afternoon update: They’re both doing very well… settling in nicely. They’ve had two sets of visitors stop by the house: a female neighbor / close friend of the family (who has 2 cats and a dog) – Calvin and Cherry LOVED ELLEN and she thought they were wunderful 😉 The other visitor was our multi-decade friend and former neighbor, Springfield Al. Calvin LOVED AL and was all over him – lots of head-butting and wrapping around his legs, but Al was apparently too loud for Cherry so it took me some coaxing with a toy to get her to come out from under the bed and visit… but she did. Naturally, Al loved them both.

(Oh, ok, since I’m writing: Early this morning we closed the glass door that separates the kitchen / back half of the house from the foyer / front half of the house, and opened up the suite for Cherry and Calvin so they could explore if they wished. Cherry pretty much limited her travels to the kitchen and her suite, while Calvin was everywhere in the back half of the place… in my office, up in the window, on my desk… even took a nap next to my keyboard while I worked. He LOVED watching “The Bird Show” from the french doors in our bedroom suite and the sunroom area… he loved it. Later on, I put the dogs outside and closed the door to the backyard (where the dogs were) and opened up the house for Calvin to explore… he loved it!

So, they’re both doing very well and I’ll post more pics over the next day or two so you can see what Judy and Sandy look like 🙂 and also see how Calvin and Cherry are doing in their new home.

So, HCN People: Please stand by (and do check back in NLT Sunday night).

Kittens… oodles of kittens!

A busy day, first working with Keith on fine tuning our Mac’s new 2TB drive. After that, an introduction and visit with Ilene – a very nice creature. Then back home, do a few “things” around the house and off to meet the kittens.


Tiny little things… they’re maybe 5 weeks old and Ayame is only about a pound – I swear that Pan and Dee coughed up bigger hair balls! But they were darling… just a hoot! I spend about 45 minutes with them, letting them adjust to me, me feeding them out of a medicine dropper, watching them play and then, finally, tucker out and try to keep their eyes open. Boy, are they cute.

Here are several pictures of them – don’t forget to click for the BIG PIC. The orange cat is Eliza – not nearly as alpha cat as i imagined and she got along very, very well with Ayame and the others. The two torby’s are Rex (not the name the foster mom calls him) and Ayame… I wish I could point them out specifically to you, but they’re a little jumbled in my brain.


And here’s a little one (I think it’s “Rex”) trying to call GrandmaCat on my iPhone:

Here’s one (Rex again, I think) hitting the bottle – look how tiny!

The one closest to the feet is Rex, the one in back and asleep is Ayame – notice that her coloring is much like Dee’s… a touch of red in it.

I have to say that, as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing and being with the cats and kittens we’ve met so far, I’m most impressed with the people who foster all of these creatures. Without hesitation I can say that each of them have clearly been very caring people who want the very best long-term home for each of their charges. And as far as I understand it, they’re all volunteers giving of their time, money and unlimited love… I don’t know how they do it, but they do and they each seem to receive something meaningful from their efforts.

Next time you’re in a pet store or some other place and there’s a rescue operation / fair going on, dig deep and give them a donation – what they do for these creatures is uh-mazing.

Joanne is going to meet Ilene on Saturday and possibly the kittens, too.