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Pan says the Fruitney is ok, so on the shelf they go…

As anybody who has been to our house knows, the center island in the kitchen belongs to Pan. (For the uninitiated, we never prepare food on the island.). As I was preparing to shoot a few photos outside today, when I came back to the kitchen I found Pan sitting on the two cases of Fruitney that Joanne, Olivia and Owen had prepared yesterday.

When I was preparing to move the Fruitney outside, Pan began looking upward, as if looking for Divine Guidance on whether to let me take them outside. (Snap! Photo taken) When I took the pic, Pan looked at me, then stepped down of the cases as if to say, “They’re all yours.”

Two (incomplete) cases (20 jars, iirc) of Joanne, Olivia’s and Owens first Fruitney. Coming your way this holiday season. (It’s reallllly good!)

Summer 2008 “We Be Jammin'” Lineup

Our 2008 Summer Line-up

The Apple-Gingerettes

Mixed-Fruit Chutney

Apple-Pear-Walnut-Raisin Chutney

Joanne had a few extra minutes (buahahahahaha) this weekend, so put up a few cases of her latest goodies. Enjoy!

PS: Joanne wanted me to mention that this year she’s introduced TwoBigCats Fruitney, which is just like chutney but without the ch-ch-ch… vinegar & extra spice that make it chutney.

PS2: When I said a few extra minutes, what I really meant to say was an extra 10 hours for prep, cooking, canning and labeling.