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Apples, Apricots and Pears – OH MY!

Apples on the tree, followed by Apricots on the tree, Apricots being made into jam and, finally, our Pear tree… what a tough little thing that is. Our guess is it’s older than dirt, but it just keeps producing great fruit – and this year looks to be another banner year for its fruit production.

I’ll be installing the 1st honey super (as opposed to “super, honey”) on the bee hive later today. Side note: When we picked it up from his place, Mr. Carrier had already painted honey super a light pink (Safety Tip: bees like light colors, not dark colors) and I’ve been waiting for Mrs. house dude to mix the perfect shade of light green that she wants for the honey supers. Since that hasn’t quite happened, looks like I’ll paint it a light yellow and install today or just leave it pink and install it… I don’t recall ever reading if Freddie Mercury (our Queen’s name 😉 was a fan of pink or yellow so I guess I’ll have to – pardon the pun – wing it.

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