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Dee and me…

This first pic is of me making pies a few years ago while wearing my favorite t-shirt (In case you’re someone I don’t actually know – and there seem to be more of you around these days, thanks – I’m a t-shirt / shorts / barefoot kinda guy through-and-through.)

The shirt says, “Ask me about my Grand Kitty”.

What I liked most about the shirt was that it told people that (1) I loved our TwoBigCats and (2) I didn’t care if it labeled me as a “little strange”… I’m not sure being a little strange in others eyes is necessarily a bad thing. (I retired the shirt a couple of years ago when it was worn out… don’t worry, I’ve saved it in my “lifetime trunk” 🙂

The second pic is the only photo I know of of Delilah and I.

Apparently I was reading the paper in “the chair” and opted to check for light leaks. Sensing an opportunity to catch a nap on a warm – and expansive – lap, Dee hopped up and caught the “light leak express” with me… waking only to see what Joanne was doing as she approached to take the photo.

If you haven’t watched the video of Pan asking to go outdoors with me, you should… she’s quite a cat, our Queen.