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Congrats to Gilly for her Apollo Club performance!

A couple of days ago we received an email from Suzanne with a link to a youtube video. When we clicked on it, we were absolutely delighted to find it was of Suzanne’s niece, Gillian, being selected as the amateur night winner at the Apollo Club in NYC. Watching the clip over and over (ok, no more than 5 times :), we thought Gilly was wonderful. So, here’s the clip for you to view and you can decide for yourself:


A private note: When Joanne’s father passed away 13 years ago, in his estate was a collection of hundreds of jazz and blues albums that went back to the early 20’s… he was a real collector who had a very broad and deep collection. (This is not a polite way of saying he was a packrat, his collection was extensive.) Joanne had them shipped to us and we stored them, hoping that someday we’d find a good home for them. About 7 or 8 years ago, it came to our attention that Gilly was a jazz & blues fan and also sang so we asked if she’d be interested in having Joanne’s father’s collection. She was thrilled to have them and we were thrilled to see something so personal to Dad go to someone who would appreciate them as he did.

Gilly, if you happen to read this post, congratulations(!) and keep up the hard – and rewarding – work.

Joanne and Hal