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Apple harvest time…

I might have mentioned in an earlier post that our Gala Apple tree began ripening and dropping apples pretty seriously about 3 weeks ago. Looking back, it seems the tree has dropped about 700 lbs of apples, half of which were untouched by squirrels / birds, etc., that have been used in several ways:

  • Apple pies. Joanne has made at least 5 apple pies so far – all of them were just apples, a bit of brown sugar, pinch of salt and a dab of butter piled high in Safeway pie crusts. Each seemed better than its predecessor.
  • Apple juice. I’ve juiced about 10 gallons so far. After letting the frothy sediment settle, we’ve ended up with ~7 gallons of absolutely beautiful, crisp and juicy drink. Thanks to Los Gatos Steve and Campbell Al for taking a few gallons off our hands… it’s wonderful, but 7 gallons is more than we can drink… and our freezer has not a spare inch in which to store some. (Btw, our 21 year old juicer croaked a few weeks ago so I bought a Jack LaLanne juicer – it’s Uh-mazing and produces a very high % of the apple as juice!)
  • Fruitney / Chutney / Peachy / Jams’n’Jellies. I can’t remember the last time Joanne has used so much of our apple production for goodies… the holiday gift packages are very special this year.
  • Gifts at work… Joanne’s been schlepping in Apples / Plums / Cherries / etc to work… I’m sure they think she works orchards on weekends… well, she does, sorta, right?

It looks like we have another 300+ pounds of apples yet to drop / harvest, so no doubt we’ll be making more stuff.

Thx for visiting, be well and write when you get work.