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Fresh goodies and a BBQ in December…

A quick note to mention Joanne’s recent birthday / December BBQ (my usual ribs, mom’s potato salad and bbq / regular Bush’s beans). It was nice having our closest friends join in for a get together in Joanne’s honor… lots of yakking and catching up going on.

Also wanted to mention that Joanne made 3 1/2 cases of pomegranate jelly (last of the pom juice) yesterday and as I write she’s making a case of spiced peach jam / preserves / um, fruitney? These are the last of Mr. Carrier’s peaches, “doctored up” with cranberries, raisins, walnuts and cinnamon… it’s pretty impressive stuff (guess who gets to lick the spoon? yup – the house-dude 🙂

I should have a set of pics to post tomorrow of my “old guy ride” – I’ve completed the restoration / refurbishment, tuned the fenders and now am just waiting for the right light to take a few photos.

Film at 11… or so.

Auntie Granny Joannie cans again!!

As I prepared to write this post, I heard Sis’ voice (as she did every week when we spoke on the phone) say, “How’s Auntie Granny Joannie doing?”

Last night I would have answered her, “It’s Fall, so she’s been making jams / jellies / goodies for the holidays. Doing too much, but I can’t stop her so I help when I can and let her do what she will.” (Although jam / jelly making was a Joanne and Hal production in the early years, these days I’m simply the gofer: I go fer the fruit, clean and prep the fruit, buy the supplies and make sure they’re within her reach, then I get the heck out of the way and let her do her thing.)

Yesterday, Joanne made 73 jars of Pomegranate Jelly for holiday packages. Then she created and printed the labels. She’ll affix the labels over the next few days, I’m sure. Last week it was about the same amount of Pear / Apple Fruitney.

And when she was finished making Pomegranate Jelly, she sat down and carved on her latest wood carving project for a few hours.

Holiday goodie packs are shaping up pretty nice this year, thanks to Auntie Granny Joannie!

Thanks to Hector & Elsa, Springfield Al and Incline Mike

I stopped by Hector and Elsa’s to confirm it’s ok to filch, er, harvest, their pomegranates this year and managed to catch them just as they were backing out of their driveway.

What’s the first thing Hector says to me? “Hold on, I have something for you.”

He pulled back in his driveway, walked up to the front of his garage and brought me 3 cases of brand new jars he’d gotten on sale from BigLots. When I offered to pay for them, he said, “If you pay me for them, I can’t accept any jelly or goodies.”

Since that’s a line I’ve used, myself, over the years, what could I say, except, “Thanks very much.”

And after posting my request for assistance last week, Springfield Al and Incline Mike both offered to help with harvesting and pressing of the pomegranates… something we’ll begin doing later this week.

And speaking of pomegranates, Joanne and I harvested our tree this weekend… not nearly as many in years past, but enough to make a case or two. Hector and Elsa’s tree is full, though not as full as years past, either. We (all) attribute the lower production to the heavy storms that blew through in the Spring when the blossoms were in full bloom. But, it is what it is so we’ll make whatever we can and distribute accordingly.

And speaking of making goodies, this past week Joanne made ~5 cases of fig and 2 (or 3?) of pear / apple fruitney… it’s uh-mazingly decadent and will go very well on toast, waffles, as “chutney” with pork / other select meats and even over vanilla cream… 1 spoonful is like eating an apple / pear pie – raisins (2 kinds), apples, pears, cinamon, almonds, walnuts, a touch of brown sugar and… voila, die, Jenny Craig diet!

(sugar / diet watchers note: Joanne began to experiment with low sugar pectin last year and the results were so good that she only makes low sugar goodies these days… much, much better flavor and for sugar watchers.)

Until next time, thanks for visiting, be well and don’t forget to write when you get work.


Pan says the Fruitney is ok, so on the shelf they go…

As anybody who has been to our house knows, the center island in the kitchen belongs to Pan. (For the uninitiated, we never prepare food on the island.). As I was preparing to shoot a few photos outside today, when I came back to the kitchen I found Pan sitting on the two cases of Fruitney that Joanne, Olivia and Owen had prepared yesterday.

When I was preparing to move the Fruitney outside, Pan began looking upward, as if looking for Divine Guidance on whether to let me take them outside. (Snap! Photo taken) When I took the pic, Pan looked at me, then stepped down of the cases as if to say, “They’re all yours.”

Two (incomplete) cases (20 jars, iirc) of Joanne, Olivia’s and Owens first Fruitney. Coming your way this holiday season. (It’s reallllly good!)