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Things are peachy, thanks for asking…

Looks like somebody got a little bored sitting around the house Saturday and Sunday so whipped out a few cases of Peach-something goodies (Sorry, can’t tell the players without a scorecard / label.)

There’s actually one more case that didn’t make it to the portrait session, so figure on 3 cases of Apple / Peach / Cranberry / Raisins (Golden and, um, Regular)… this is the low-sugar blend: light on the sugar and low-sugar pectin so the fruit taste is outstanding.

An interesting note (at least to us, anyway), is these peaches are the last peaches that our tree produced before it was wiped out by an as-yet undiagnosed disease just 2 years ago. We harvested the peaches, halved / skinned them, then vacuum sealed them with our FoodSaver and froze them. When thawed, the flavor was amazingly fresh so we (that would be the Royal we) made the goodies.

I hope you enjoy the pics, I know you’ll enjoy the goodies come holiday season.