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Easy way to help humans and pets…

I thought you might want to know about several easy, no-cost-to-you ways to help feed those less fortunate than you: (for dog food) (for cat food)

These sites were started by a little girl to provide kibble to homeless / misplaced pets and animals. All you need do to contribute food to these animals is (1) visit the site (2) click on answer to the animal-related quiz and, (right or wrong answer given), voila(!) 20 pieces of kibble are added to the kibble fund. (paid for by advertisers and donations) So far, these sites have donated 1,510,130 pieces of kibble since June 01, 2008

This site was created to provide rice to poor around the world. To donate rice, simply participate in their online vocabulary-building quiz and badda boom, badda bing, you’ve given rice to someone far less fortunate than you. To date, FreeRice has donated >38 billion grains of rice. Uh-mazing!

To donate food on a daily basis to each of these organizations would take < 1 minute per day… not long to make a real difference to others.

I’ll write another “fun” post in a day or two.