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Beek’s Log: Priming Freddie’s pump (ewwww!)

Met up with Fuzzy the other day and told him my tale of woe. He concurred that Freddie was likely robbed clean and suggested (among other things) that I swap a few frames of brood from his namesake swarm hive in to Freddie to give it a jump start. Great idea.

So today I went out and began the inspection of the hives with opening up Freddie… boy, it’s looking weaker than ever. I pulled a fairly barren couple of frames, covered Freddie then headed down to Fuzzy and – seeing how Fuzzy’s got maybe 5 or 6 frames of capped brood – I swapped out bare frames from Freddie with 2 of Fuzzy’s and planted them in Freddie. When I closed up Freddie for the night, I also reduced the entrance to the hive by ~50% to reduce the amount of cold air coming in / heat loss. Next, I cracked open Ray and – boy howdy – Ray is absolutely jam packed with capped brood… it seems obvious now that Ray robbed Freddie’s honey and that has boosted Ray’s Queen production / the whole damn place is jumping. (In fact, it looks just like Freddie did before he was jumped, beaten, robbed and left dying and dead.)

In all the excitement I forgot to take a frame Ray and juice up Freddie a bit more, so I’ll have to do that tomorrow.

Shoulda stuck with cats.

Beek’s Log: Freddie’s Super!

Remember that my most productive hive is named “Freddie”, after Freddie Mercury of Queen?

Well, here’s the initial honey frame harvest from Freddie…

I removed 7 frames (these are medium frames, as opposed to the deep supers used for brood) and show only 6 here due to layout considerations (click the pic for the details!). When harvested, these produced ~1.5 gals / 20 lbs of pure TwoBigCats Honey, this batch labeled as… (wait for it)…

Freddie’s Super!

Yup, corny but true (and a minor play on words 🙂

Here are a few of the jars pre-labeling:

Note the jars on the left are Owen and Olivia’s “Bee +” labeled honey. (And we delivered a couple of jars to our dive buddy, Ken, with his private label, too.)

As always, thx for stopping by, be well and don’t forget to write when you get work.

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury


Freddie would have been 62 years old today.

The photos are from Queen’s Wembley Concert in July of 1986.

The song, Delilah, was Freddie’s tribute to his cat, Delilah… which, as you may suspect, is how Scott came to name our Little One, Delilah.

Rock on, Fred, Rock on, Deelilah.