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Pandora dodges a bullet…

Sometime in the week that Delilah became ill, I discovered a growth on Pandora’s left front paw… on the top between two toes. Although it was fairly large, it wasn’t sensitive to the touch nor was it discolored in any way – just a very pretty pink color. Given those things and because Delilah’s care was both time consuming and nerve racking, I felt I wasn’t up for taking Pandora in for a diagnosis and would handle it when Dee was recovered.

Given the circumstances, I took Pan to Dr. Ueno last week so he could check her out. He removed the growth, took a biopsy and I brought Pan home that afternoon. He called yesterday (Sunday) afternoon to let me know the growth was benign and she was in no danger; apparently the growth is sweat gland related and not uncommon.

Phew… and I mean, with tears in my eyes, Phew!