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We are incredibly sad

It is with profound sadness that we tell you that Delilah has passed away today.

After recovering from amputation surgery for cancer on her right front leg, last weekend Delilah suddenly became ill. Diagnosed with pancreatitis, she received fluids, pain meds and antibiotics from the vet each day for the past 7 days. Yesterday’s blood tests indicated that her symptoms were getting worse and her ability to recover in a timely – if ever – manner, were unknown and / or unlikely. Given the pain this condition caused her to endure, with great sadness, we decided to end her suffering.

Anybody who knows us or has been to our house has known Delilah Carroll and the important role she filled in our family and “pack”. We will miss Delilah, but we feel blessed to have had her in our lives for the past 11 years and 1 day since she came home with us.

God Speed, Little One. We love you.

Tuesday afternoon update…

Just a few words to say that I had to take Delilah to Dr. Ueno yesterday – she had become terribly lethargic, hadn’t eaten or drank anything in 24 hours (that I was aware of).

She had a temp of 103.5, while 100 – 100.5 is considered normal.

Doc took some blood, gave her a hydration shot (looks like she’s got a hump at her shoulder blades) and antibiotic shot, then we came home.

This morning she was up bright and chipper, eating like a horse and drinking… Put up a helluva fight with Joanne trying to prevent Joanne from giving her the antibiotics liquid. (I’m picking up pills this afternoon… I’m sure that will make a BIG difference 😉

On top of that, yesterday morning I came down with the sniffles and by noontime I had a full torrent of, um, stuff, running out of my snotbox. Joanne was at a company offsite that included dinner so I ordered a bit of food, ate that and slept from 8 – 9:30 this morning. Up for coffee & paper, then back to bed until just now… gotta run and get Dee’s new pills.

Dr. Ueno called a while ago and said the blood tests came back and Dee has some liver issues showing up… he thinks she’s got pancreatitis, so will keep her on antibiotics for a week, then re-test her blood to see how things are doing.

Harvest-related note: All the fruit is down now and we’ve begun trimming up. We’ve got 3 gallons of pomegranate juice, lots of peaches, cherries, figs and plums in the freezer, so over the next few months we’ll be working to get holiday goodie packs in order.