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Pan’s doing well, thanks for asking :)

Pan’s surgery went well on Thursday night, so she was able to come home on Friday, mid-day. Turns out she had another the size of my fist in her gut, blocking her intestines. (They showed me the hairball and darned if it wasn’t bigger than the one they took out last time… in only 5ish weeks.) Dr. Ueno said if we didn’t shave her down completely, she’d not survive much longer – her stomach lacks the peristaltic motion to process the hair through her intestines or allow her to cough it back up. So, Pan’s gone summer buzz-cut full time, year round. (She looks a bit funny, but we just give her lots of hugs and encouragement, then tell her she’s as gorgeous as ever 🙂

The good news is this should take care of the massive hairball-thing. She’s lost a lot of weight, again, so we’ve got to find a way to beef her up beginning in a week or two when her gut’s recovered from surgery. In the meantime it’s antibiotics, wet cat food (moisture is good for her) and an extra spoon of Pavel’s Russian Yogurt each morning. She’s doing great, lots of energy & chipperness… much more vocal than usual, though. (What’s cat for “you’re a knothead for leaving me at the Dr’s – do you see what they keep doing to my tummy?!) Last evening I was in the garage working on the Bridgestone and she wouldn’t quit calling across the patio to come out, so I bundled her up in a fleece jacket and put her in her chair in the garage next to my work area… After supervising me for a few minutes, she curled in to a deep sleep.

And the world keeps turning….

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