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Calvin & Ellen – New Fetch record?!

Ellen stopped by on Friday to catch up on a few things before we headed out for the weekend.  While we were standing in the kitchen at the intersection of kitchen / hallway to sunroom, Calvin was in the sunroom watching us as we talked.  Figuring he needed to be part of whatever was going on, he picked up a mouse, brought it to us and dropped it at Ellen’s feet.

I said to Ellen, “He wants to play fetch”.  So she threw the mouse to the sunroom. Calvin retrieved it, brought it back and dropped it at her feet. She picked it up and threw it again. He repeated the process… for a total of 7 times.

Ellen (who has had many cats in her life) said, “That’s gotta be a record, I’ve never had a cat retrieve so many times.”

Yep, that’s Cal… if you’ve got a mouse / bird, he’s your man of action.

Cats, huh?